Modifying Dynamics GP Email Integration with eONE SmartConnect

The Challenge

When dealing with email integration in Dynamics GP, we ran into a client concerns which was the inadvertent modification of email fields. Once an email is successfully populated in GP, we wanted the integration to no longer change the GP email field, so in other words to lock this email field.


The Solution: Introducing THE Checkbox

Our solution revolves around the introduction of a checkbox in the SmartConnect solution, specifically implemented on the SalesForce (SF) page. This checkbox serves as a clear indicator that an email has already been sent to Dynamics GP. By checking this box, users signal that the email field is populated and should be locked down to avoid unintended alterations.

Implementation through Integrations

The next step in our solution involves utilizing eONE SmartConnect's integration capabilities. Through carefully crafted integration processes, we automate the checkbox management, ensuring it accurately reflects the status of the email field in Dynamics GP.

Email Population in GP:

The integration process identifies instances where an email is successfully populated in Dynamics GP.

Checkbox Activation Logic:

Upon successful email population, the integration activates the checkbox on the SF page, indicating that the email has been sent.

Benefits of the Solution

Our approach offers several key advantages:


The amount of work that needs to be done is significantly reduced.


Real-time monitoring ensures that the checkbox accurately reflects the status of the email field, preventing discrepancies.


The checkbox provides an intuitive visual cue, making it easy for users to identify the status of email data in Dynamics GP.