My Time Working at Geoson Solutions

As my time at Geoson Solutions comes to a close, I’ve been given time to reflect and document the various aspects of my work with the company and the unique opportunity this has given me.

Much of my work with Geoson Solutions was regarding the Microsoft power pages application, during my time with the company I learned to utilize this application to create a functioning website. This included transferring old data to and creating a new website on the power pages application as well as creating upgrades to the website such as an easily updated blog that also allowed for reader comments or the creation of a cases page that allowed authenticated users to access and update their cases being worked on by Geoson solutions. I even spent some time this past summer working on integrations and the creation of Microsoft templates which gave me the opportunity to learn about a vast array of different applications in this field and their many different uses. 

In learning these different applications and tasks I was of course given help by other employees in areas they were more knowledgeable in, however looking back I would say one of the most important aspects of my job and perhaps a topic I learned the most about was researching. 

As an example, one of the largest tasks I worked on was the cases page on the website, through my past knowledge in creating the blog page as well as the website I was able to input a list into the power pages site. Through experimentation, I could even limit the cases one could see to the company they were a part of, or simply limit the ability to access the cases page to if a user was signed in. Although I had no experience in giving clients the ability to create, view, edit, and comment on their own cases, I was up for the challenge. I spent time researching on Google where I found Microsoft readings, and other user blogs, as well as YouTube where I found step-by-step tutorials on creating functionalities like the one I was attempting to create.

Working at Geoson has been an amazing experience, not only was I able to learn a multitude of different programs and functionalities in the field. Creating and attempting to enhance the Geoson Solutions website gave me a unique view into the business side of this career only accessible through hands-on work. I want to give special thanks to both Sonny and Dawn Pawchuk for this unique opportunity and insight into the field, as well along with them I also want to thank Rayyan Rashid for all their help in answering questions and simply allowing me to excel in this job.