Meeting the Team!

The highlight of my week had to be finally meeting the team. After meeting virtually with them for weeks it was quite nice seeing them in person. The camaraderie built will not only help us enjoy our time working together more, but also help us be more effective as a team. I cannot wait to meet with them again next month!

A portion of my week was dedicated to reimplementing and improving a receipt match feature. The goal was to streamline populating the windows data by matching it with vendor invoices. This enhancement would allow users to manually match any receipt number that was not automatically matched by the system, improving the efficiency of the system, and providing users with a seamless experience. Witnessing the finished working product was incredibly rewarding.

Every software development journey comes with its set of challenges, and this week was no exception. I tackled a bug that caused currency values to be blanked. With haste, I solved the issue which had to do with the currency values not being passed through the memory variables. To get around this I simply loaded the values to the form, right when they were called. This delocalized any future changes I’d need to make to those fields but ensured financial data accuracy.

Another issue was causing the form to crash when it was resized. Disabling window resizing was the most straightforward approach to enhance the application’s stability and preventing potential user-interface issues. These problem-solving tasks allowed me to further hone my trouble shooting skills and contribute to the overall reliability of the software.

As I wrap up the week, my attention has shifted to an exciting new project: creating a receipt item lookup feature. This involves building off the existing receipt match feature and adding a lookup component to it. Rather than having to manually type in the receipt items, a user will be able to lookup all receipts that match that vendor invoice. This feature aims to enhance user productivity and streamline the retrieval of valuable information.

My fourth week at Geoson Solutions has been filled with collaboration, innovation, and problem solving. The in-person team lunch provided a chance to connect with my colleagues on a personal level and build a sense of unity amongst ourselves. The implementation of the receipt match feature as well as troubleshooting various bugs reinforced my dedication to delivering high quality work.

As I eagerly look forward to the upcoming weeks, I am excited to contribute further to Geoson Solutions success and continue my profession growth within this supportive team!