My First Week at Geoson Solutions: A Dive into Integration and Innovation

Starting a new role is always an exhilarating adventure, especially when stepping into a realm as dynamic as Geoson Solutions. As I walked through the doors on my first day, I knew this journey would be filled with learning, challenges, and endless opportunities for growth. This day marks the end of my first week at Geoson Solution and through this blog post I will be able to share some of the key highlights of working at Geoson Solution.


Embracing the World of Integration

My initiation into Geoson Solutions began with a deep dive into the realms of integration. One of the first tools that came across my path was eOne SmartConnect. It was an exciting introduction, mastering the basics of SmartConnect—a powerful integration platform that harmonizes disparate systems with finesse.

The week unfolded with hands-on experiences in Power Automate and Power Apps. The sheer potential and versatility of these Microsoft Power Platform tools were mind-boggling. I crafted a simple approval flow as well as a Business Flow Process (BFP), to start my journey on Microsoft Power tools.

Tackling Real-Time Challenges

The real thrill of the week came when I encountered my first challenge—a client bug. The task was to troubleshoot and resolve an issue using Logic App and Service Bus. It was a hands-on opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to a real-world scenario.

The Logic App, with its orchestration capabilities, and the Service Bus, acting as a reliable messaging service, worked harmoniously. Debugging the issue felt like solving a complex puzzle, and when everything clicked into place, it was immensely gratifying to witness the solution seamlessly integrate into the client’s system.

Exploring the World of SOQL

I delved into the realm of SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language). Learning about SOQL expanded my understanding of Salesforce and its data querying capabilities. The power to fetch precise data from Salesforce databases was a valuable addition to my integration toolkit. Me previously knowing SQL helped me through the understanding of SOQL, and I hope my skills I learned during my university terms, can assist my understanding of this language.

Looking Ahead

Reflecting on this eventful first week at Geoson Solutions, I am inspired by the potential that lies ahead. The fusion of innovative integration tools, problem-solving through Logic Apps, and the vast world of Salesforce has opened doors to endless possibilities.

The week was a testament to Geoson Solutions' commitment to innovation, collaboration, and continuous learning. The supportive environment, coupled with the opportunity to work on impactful projects from day one, has set the tone for an exhilarating journey ahead.

As I step into the upcoming weeks, I eagerly anticipate more challenges, more opportunities to innovate, and the chance to contribute meaningfully to the incredible projects and initiatives at Geoson Solutions.