Creating a YouTube Video for Geoson

As I familiarize myself with my position at Geoson, the more interesting things become.  My task this week was to create and post my first ever YouTube Video with my colleague...

I started off by creating a YouTube channel.  This step only took a few minutes and was rather straightforward.  Next, my colleague and I brainstormed ideas for our first post.  While this did take a bit, we eventually decided on a miniseries; Power pages, something we both had been working on in the weeks prior.  This miniseries would focus on learning the basics of Power Pages, allowing users to eventually complete their own websites from start to finish.

The next step was to write a small script comprised of bullet points for our main ideas and subsections for the fine details.  We found this method to be more natural, allowing the presenter to feel more comfortable and not confined to a paragraph style script.

After that it was time for the mock presentation.  My colleague and I then decided to practice presenting over a Microsoft Teams meeting.  He was in charge of presenting, and I oversaw making notes, and filling in the blanks on things that we may have missed during our script writing.

Finally, it was time to record.  This was the most difficult step.  From giggles to random pauses to technical difficulties, it took us about 10 tries to get through the full video without any major slip ups.

With the recording done, it was time to edit.  I ended up using a free application called iMovie on my personal device and first worked on cutting out sections.  I then had to Upload the video onto my computer and send it to my colleagues for their thoughts.  The whole process only took 20 minutes, and we were happy with the results.  Lastly, I posted the video on our YouTube channel.

That’s it!  I had a lot of fun working on this project and I hope to do more like it in the future!