​My First Week At Geoson Solutions

I started working at Geoson Solutions Ltd. as a Software Developer and today marks the end of my first week here. Learning about the company's products and how we use them has been exciting. I would love to share the start of my journey here!...

Introduction to Sales Hub (D365)

My main objective so far was to learn about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Hub app. More specifically, I understood how the key entities of the Sales Hub app facilitates various stages that a business goes through to meet its goals. I achieved this with the help of the company’s Functional Analyst and Solution Architect’s guidance. They also provided me with different Microsoft Learning Modules and YouTube videos to learn about this app.

I started off by learning how users can set up and configure Microsoft’s D365 Sales App. I then went on to understand how they can manage and organize leads, opportunities, and product catalogues to propose quotes and process sales orders. I also learnt how the Sales Hub app provides analytical information to help users create an action plan and manage relationships with their customers.

I was also given a small introduction on how we can develop plug-ins and change the behavior of these apps to suit our clients’ needs. This will be the main objective of my training in the upcoming week. 
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